Westchester Dems launch website tracking Astorino’s travel


The Westchester County Democratic Committee launched a website Tuesday tracking County Executive Rob Astorino’s time spent outside of the county as he explores a run for governor.

“Mr. Astorino campaigned on a promise that he would be a dedicated county executive,” said Reginald LaFayette, chairman of the committee, in a statement about Whereisrob.com.  “Looking at his travel schedule, he clearly has other priorities. With our bond rating downgraded and the highest property taxes in the nation, it’s time for Rob Astorino to focus on his day job.”

The site is the latest form of criticism directed at Astorino by county Democrats. Some party members have recently accused the Republican of neglecting his duties within Westchester as he travels the state and country to secure GOP support for a possible gubernatorial run in 2014.  They’ve also said he duped voters by promising to serve another four years.

In a video posted on the site, Astorino is quoted as saying, “I ask for another four years to continue down our path.” The clip, along with other quotes from the county executive, have been referenced by Democrats as evidence of Astorino lying to voters. However, the quotes cited only say the county executive was asking for another four years or was looking forward to his next term.

Astorino spokesman Bill O’Reilly declined comment on the website and video.

Astorino, who was elected to his second term in November, has not officially declared his candidacy for governor but has set up a fundraising committee called Astorino for Governor. He’s also launched a website of his own that’s been critical of Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

The Democrats’ site says Astorino has been absent from Westchester for 14 out of 67 business days since his November re-election, when speculation about a run for governor took off. It claims he’s spent about 20 percent of his time outside the county since his new term began on Jan. 1. And also mistakenly refers to Legislator Ken Jenkins of Yonkers as chairman of the Board of Legislators, a position he was recently ousted from.

The figures on Astorino’s travel were cited by three Westchester Democratic officials — County Clerk Tim Idoni, Peter Harckham of Bedford and Jenkins— at a Monday press conference. They criticized Astorino for being more focused on running for governor than doing the job he was elected to do.

Following the conference, O’Reilly said Jenkins and Harckham had “exhausted all credibility.” He added that Astorino remained committed to the job in Westchester.

If Astorino does announce that he’s running for governor, the Republican would join a list of candidates from both major parties that have sought higher office while holding an elected position.

Photo: Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino.


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  1. What a waste of money.

    Don’t these people have anything else better to do?

    Is Bramson leading this charge? He’s pretty inept and also wastes tons of money in New Rochelle.

  2. Stop the madness, Gov. Cuomo travels the entire state attending fundraisers (35 million worth on our dime), President Obama did the same thing and so did Bramson, Idoni and Jenkins. This seems more like a democratic club – talk about hypocrites.

    It is a common practice done by all.

  3. North of the Hutch on

    Kim, I think they’re still bitter about the trouncing Bramson took back in November.

  4. Andrew Cuomo was the NY State Attorney General in 2010 while campaigning for the Governor’s office.

    Mayor Nransom did this is 2013 while running for the Westchester County Executive office.

    All incumbent politicians from both parties do this. I am not saying it is the right thing to do but it has been the accepted and common practice.

  5. DadinWestchester on

    They have little else to do. Maybe a gym membership would get them out of the office and house. An idle mind is the devils playground…

  6. Reggie Checker on

    Maybe we should track how much time Reggie spends on Dem Party business while at the Bd of Elections – what a bunch of hypocrites!

  7. You can always tell how well your doing in politics by the extremes the opposition goes to discredit you.

  8. Maybe someone should investigate the hours that the Democratic Chairman Reginald Lafayette spends working as Board of Elections Commissioner making over $135,000. a year and running arounf to political events all week trying to get the democrats elected. Now my friend that is a matter that should be discussed, an appointed political hack job and campaigns all the time for democratic candidates. Don’t throw stones if you live in glass houses.

  9. This issue raised by the democrats is a façade, it is obvious that the orders have been given by Albany and now the minnows must act of those orders. It shows that the Governor’s camp is concerned with Rob Astorino’s candidacy and they are trying to turn up the pressure. Unfortunately they are sending the walking wounded to do their dirty work. The boys in Albany have shown their hand and it is a hand of fear and concern. Why are they acting this way so early in the race for Governor? The answer is simply, they view Rob Astorino as a real threat and a candidate who is a fiscal conservative whose number one priority is stopping the over spending of tax dollars and a man who has a record to back it up. Rob Astorino’s record will resonate statewide which concerns those in Albany. So expect more of the same from their minnows in the months to come.

  10. Gee Reggie, you have some nerve making disparaging comments. Your own son was caught on video ripping down Astorino campaign signs at the Fleetwood train station. Lying coward.

  11. Exactly what Astorinoites did to BRAMSON…got local party folk to question his record while keeping his own hands clean

  12. This is a big boy’s game, the sheep who are trying to discredit Rob Astorino are not up to the task and Albany will see that. Eventually they will spend some of that war chest ($35,000,000.00) they have and send in some top hired guns to do the dirty work to try and attack the good name of Rob Astorino. I think their tactic will backfire.

  13. Hey folks have you heard the good news? Reggie Lafayette was voted the 2nd most admired political figure in Westchester County and Noam Bramson the 3rd most admired political figure in Westchester. Bad news for them is that all the other political figures were tied for for 1st place.

  14. North of the Hutch on

    Ollie you’re joking right?

    Bramson’s record is his own and the residents of Westchester County realzied what a disaster New Rochelle’s finances have been under Bramson’s leadership and decided that the guy running that show shouldn’t be promoted.

  15. The comments from Rob lovers shows they are upset when someone points out the sham that is Rob Astorino……….

  16. Astorino collects $160,000 per year salary travelling around with his County salaried camera man and driver in a County van and Jessica Proud.