Trump: Astorino can’t win from highest-tax Westchester


Donald Trump continued today to say he’d be the best candidate to challenge Gov. Andrew Cuomo, saying Rob Astorino wouldn’t be able to attack Cuomo on property taxes because Westchester County has the highest property taxes in the nation.

trumpapfileThe Tax Foundation lists Westchester, because of its high property values and high taxes, as number one in the country: $9,945 in median property taxes in 2010.

“My whole thing would be: We have the highest taxes in the country in New York, but he has the highest taxes in New York,” Trump said on WBEN in Buffalo. “So it’s not exactly a good sound bite that he can use.”

Astorino has touted that he hasn’t raised taxes since he took office in 2010 and has been elected twice. But radio show host, Michael Caputo, who is helping to lead the Draft Trump for governor effort, chimed in that Astorino hasn’t cut taxes either.

Yesterday, Astorino said Trump should either enter the race or step aside, saying it is hurting the GOP’s chances against Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

Caputo told Trump that Astorino is “now taking swings at you.”

But Trump brushed it aside.

“Well, they were not very serious swings, in all fairness to him. I haven’t read anything very astronomical. He has to say something,” Trump responded.

Trump reiterated that he would run for governor if the Republican Party was unified behind him.

“If they united, I would do it and I would win. I’d win the election,” Trump said.

He also knocked Assemblyman Kieran Michael Lalor, R-Fishkill, Dutchess County, who wrote an op-ed in the New York Post in support of Astorino.

Trump said he saved a foundering golf course in Dutchess County, which is now Trump National Golf Club, Hudson Valley.

“I took this total loser and made it a winner, which is by the way what we have do with the state,” Trump said.

He called Lalor, “the assemblyman who I never heard of, by the way, and nobody else seems to know him.”


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  1. He is County Executive of the highest taxing municipality in the U.S. and he wants voters to be delirious enough to believe that he should be Governor after only one term of no accomplishment? He used the savings from retiring County Employees to phony up lower tax increases and then he mismanaged finances enough to get Westchester a lower credit rating from Moody’s by hiring incompetent political cronies to work on his campaign for Governor at taxpayer expense. He knows that he can’t win for Governor but the real goal is to accumulate campaign funds, the excess to enrich himself and buy a bigger house and a vacation property while having Westchester Taxpayers pay for his campaign staff! Ask your County Legislators to review every hired employee since he assumed office and vote to eliminate the budget lines for crony campaign workers. This could result in a 10-20% tax reduction.

  2. Mario DeLarenates on

    Astorino is the smallest puppet in the Republican puppet clown train. Anything big business and big contributors say he is for. Sportscaster turned politician.

  3. Mario DeLarenates on

    Vic has it correct ! Paul Fiener has it correct also (admit it) in what he said about Astorino and his non stop campaign fundraising since Nov 6 2013 and being away from Westchester.

  4. If Astorino can’t keep the Donald in line, how will he survive in the Albany and New York City political shark tanks? Astorino cannot be serious about running for governor. He’ll get stomped and then take it out on the county workers. Just wait and see.

  5. It sounds like Vic has it right. The CE knows that he can’t win and that he can keep campaign funds for his own personal benefit “legally”? The Legislators should not allow him to hire political cronies but the clubhouses in Westchester have their hands in our pockets too. The Board of Legislators and the Board of Elections are the other “holding tanks” for cronies although cronies are also spread throughout County Government in all departments. This tremendous cost of employing clubhouse political cronies in County Government is what makes Westchester the number one taxing municipality in the United States! Lohud should request a list of hires over the past four years and determine how many of those were not hired off of legitimate civil service lists?

  6. Let the voter decide who they want to represent them in race against Andrew Cuomo. Lets runs a clean primary. The voters deserve that.

    Paid political hack Michale Caputo is working hard to cause rift and dig up anything that might be negative between Astorino and Trump.
    Most likely Caputo is being paid by Cuomo or the Democrats to create tension between the Republican hopefuls.

    This is exactly what Caputo did in 2010 during the gubernatorial campaign when Caputo was the campaign manager for Carl Paladino.
    Caputo was trained in the military to disrupt and influence campaigns.
    All the bad things that happened during the Paladino campaign were orchestrated by Caputo.

    Listening to Mike Caputo talking about lowering taxes is a joke. Just 2 months after the election of 2010 Caputo went around the state in January of 2011 trying to convince everyone to accept and support the 2% property tax cap that Andrew Cuomo wanted to put in place. Everything Caputo was telling anybody who would listen about the 2% tax cap was not truthful.

    Car Paladino wanted to reduce state government spending and reduce property taxes.

    Listen to the radio program. Trump is trying not to criticize Astorino, Michale Caputo is the one trying to stir up trouble., NY does not need a dirt bag political hack like Mike Caputo working hard for dirty campaign tactics.

  7. Horth of the Nutch on

    The Donald can rightfully be blamed if Astorino fails to ignite in his bid vs Cuomo. Trump’s utter snide arrogance will turn off even those who agree w him

  8. The fact that the County Office Building is now loaded with political cronies at taxpayer expense to help with a gubernatorial campaign is picking the pockets of every taxpaying resident. Nothing is being done to lower taxes or improve public administration in Westchester. This is the kind of nonsense that we all have to go out to work to pay for while our families and kids are being denied because our hard earned money is being stolen away by the corrupt political clubhouses from both parties. It is outrageous and taxpayers need to pay attention and have their voices heard! Why are our Legislators, who control the purse strings, allowing the funding of crony campaign workers?

  9. the consultant on

    do any of you actually understand why westchester is the
    highest property taxed county in the nation…trump certainly
    doesn’t in fact his lack of substantive knowledge on any of
    a number of topics is astounding…but the fact is that only
    about 18 percent of your property tax bill is county and
    of that 80% is state mandated which means you would have
    to pay it anyway..the rest is all local city town or village
    and SCHOOL TAXES…astorino has zero control over lowering
    taxes because he can only deal with about 5% of your tax
    bill unless of course he cuts the b line or the golf courses and parks or abolishes the county altogether ..but
    what he has done is to control his portion unlike his predescessor andy spano who went hog wild on a spending
    spree..of course trump is totally unfamiliar with any of this but is merely bluffing his way to get more publicity
    which is how he builds his brand..he can’t afford to run
    for office because he needs the help of both parties to
    build his projects…the fact is he will not run…just
    as he failed to run for president..and mike caputo is simply egging him on so he can be his consultant and make
    a large fee but trump is not going to go for it..and criticizing astorino for high property taxes is like
    criticizing the pope for mass

  10. The “consultant” is obviously an Astorino crony, probably writing on County time and implies that he is smarter than Donald Trump? The biggest part of the County Budget is to distribute welfare benefits. So why are all of these clubhouse cronies on board for a gubernatorial campaign at the expense of taxpayers? Apparently they found enough money to do that, and then they argue that it’s only a small portion of your taxes? These people ought to be thrown out in the street and made to look for jobs like everyone else in Westchester who pays taxes!

  11. the consultant on

    astorinos staff is smaller than andy spano’s by quite a lot
    and his county staff does not participate in his state
    gubenatorial efforts he has a separate non gov’t staff for
    that purpose…and the welfare benefits you speak about
    are either required by the state or the federal government
    so either way you would have to pay it….clearly you and
    donald trump remain totally in the dark about how and why
    the county of westchester spends its money….you sound like
    a sean hannity sound bite..boring repititious and uninformed

  12. It’s not true that Astorino’s staff is smaller than Spano’s. Astorino’s staffing is the worst abuse of the Westchester Civil Service System in history, and with all that staff nothing at all has been accomplished for Westchester Taxpayers. Name one substantive accomplishment besides using savings from a retirement incentive program to phony up lower tax increases? Now the “consultant” is smarter than everyone else including Hannity and Trump. (Nothing like Republican Unity!)This is typical of the arrogant condescending attitude that has been displayed by the Astorino administration. They take advantage of the fact that people don’t pay as much attention to County Government as they do to their local municipalities and school districts, while they loot hard earned tax dollars to promote themselves and then they tell us that it shouldn’t hurt much because it is only a small portion of our tax dollars. Wouldn’t it be nice if these incompetent tax receiving parasites, who look down their noses at the real taxpayers, had to get off the clubhouse nipple and go out and find real jobs like the rest of us!

  13. the consultant on

    your criticism of the astorino administration is just
    throwing out platitudes…the 9th floor was populated by
    far more “political” appointees under andy spano and
    everyone knows still havent dealt with the math
    county taxes controlled by those who you criticize are about 5% of your property tax bill….but in westchester the people
    insist on 43 police departments with their own chiefsm 43
    school systems with superintendents and boards of ed
    43 justice or city coourts..and 43 mayors supervisors and
    boards to govern…that is why westchester is the highest
    taxed county in the nation and that is what you donald trump and others don’t get

  14. Sounds like a shell game in Tijuana or a “watch the birdie” while we loot the cash register. “Oh it’s only a small amount in proportion so it shouldn’t hurt much”. It’s the oldest con in Westchester Governmental politics and the reason why our County Office Building is filled with unimaginative, incompetent cronies who were not appointed off of legitimate civil service lists and who cost taxpayers a fortune for doing nothing. They can’t get real jobs because they have nothing to offer. Your political welfare isn’t going to last forever. Go out and work for a living!

  15. If the problem is that 43 municipalities have separate services that raise the overall cost of government, then why isn’t the County Executive, whose jurisdiction includes all of the municipalities, out there making a major effort to look for efficiencies in the consolidation of services rather than using his time to run for Governor? He has accomplished exactly nothing in his time in office and the people he has hired are for campaign functions, not for professional public administration! In the mean time County Legislators sit idly by a watch the whole charade.

  16. North of the Hutch on

    Vic u don’t know what you’re talking about. Listen and read what the consultants says above.

    Does everyone realize that Astorino’s held the line on property taxes (zero increase that is) for 4 straight years. And that’s with a Democratic super-majority.

    The real question is, how’d he do that?

  17. Here’s how he did it. He used the savings from retiring County Employees to phony up lower tax increases and then he mismanaged finances enough to get Westchester a lower credit rating from Moody’s by hiring incompetent political cronies to work on his campaign for Governor at taxpayer expense.

  18. the answer is that NO ONE wants to consolidate…no community in westchester not ardsley not hastings not dobbs not larchmont not mamaroneck not any of them want to give up their own schools their own pd their own mayors…you don’t get it
    people complain about their taxes on one hand and brag to
    others that they can afford to pay the highest taxes in the nation….there have been ooodles of recommendatiobns to
    consolidate including westchester 2000 but no community wants
    it so it would be useless for astorino to waste his time

  19. They don’t have to consolidate! They just need to consolidate similar services like the County does for the Jail. If Astorino hired professional public administrators you wouldn’t have to be told! Get a job!

  20. you cannot consolidate a sufficient number of similar services to substantially impact property taxes..the main drivers are
    schools which no one wants to consolidate as well as infrastructure, courts, police, dpws etc…what you are suggesting would cut your taxes by a dollar