Astorino denies he’s made up mind about running for governor


tjndc5-6e3j4zgei0mw8bn434b_thumbnailWestchester County Executive Rob Astorino denied on Monday that he’s decided to run for governor.

The New York Post reported Monday that Astorino had made a decision, but the second-term Republican denied it.

“I said by this Friday. I would tell my staff whether we’re running or not and then set the timetable shortly thereafter.”

Astorino said he has to decide by Friday because there isn’t much time left to get a campaign going against Gov. Andrew Cuomo; a public announcement will likely follow next week, he said.

“It’s eight and a half months to go before the election. If this were a year ago, we could take a lot more (time), but there’s so much that has to be done to get a viable candidate going and a candidacy going,” Astorino said.

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  1. Anyone who is interested in tax reduction is advised to review the 2010 article in Westchester Magazine available online. Comparisons are made with other municipalities similar to Westchester.
    If either Trump or Giuliani had been elected Westchester County Executive 4 years ago they probably would have made aggressive efforts to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of municipal governments and school systems in Westchester by looking for consolidation and streamlining of similar services throughout Westchester County. This is the kind of reputation that they have in government and business respectively and that is why they are respected for their track record.
    Now who is this guy Astorino? What did he ever do except worry about promoting himself and running for Governor while he is CE of Westchester? WHAT ABOUT WESTCHESTER??

  2. North of the Hutch on

    Your comments amuse me.

    Do you know anything about Astorino or the fact that he’s had to work with a Democratic Super-Majority? You know the kind that can over-ride vetos?

  3. Giuliani was a Republican in Democratic NYC but he showed leadership and got things done and was responsible for substantial positive change. Can we say that about Astorino? No because he can’t work with people and just whines and makes excuses and tries to blame others. He has no leadership ability and no record of accomplishment and now he spends his entire time running for Governor. Nothing is being accomplished in Westchester. If he wants to be Governor he should first do his job to accomplish something for Westchester. If he can’t work with Democrats here then how will he ever survive in Albany? He’s not delirious though. What he is really doing is trying to accumulate enough campaign funds with his hype so that he can use the excess to enrich himself.