Playland vote expected by Westchester legislators in May


The Westchester Board of Legislators’ parks committee is launching into an intensive review of the improvement plan for Playland ParkĀ  and a committee vote is expected in May.playlandcoaster

After County Executive Rob Astorino picked Sustainable Playland in 2012 to take over the management of the park, the group submitted a multi-year plan in September to refurbish historic buildings, replace rides and add new attractions that must be approved by the county board. A Jan. 1 target date for approvals in the management agreement, after which Sustainable had the right to withdraw from the agreement, has come and gone but Sustainable Playland is continuing to cooperate with the review.

The Committee on Parks, Labor, Planning and Housing, under Legislator Peter Harckham, D-North Salem, has set a schedule of nearly weekly meetings when the committee will look at issues including traffic and parking, the environmental review, legal issues, the plan financials and concerns among Rye officials and residents. Two public hearings are also planned, one near the beginning of the process and one at the end. A committee vote is tentatively scheduled for May 13.

The Budget and Economic Development committees must also pass out the legislation approving the plan. The full Board of Legislators could vote as soon as late May.

The Playland Improvement Plan and other information is at


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  1. The Westchester County Board of Legislators should not approve this plan. Kim Morque is President of Spinnaker Real Estate Partners of Fairfield CT. He is basically a real estate broker who has no experience running an amusement park. Playland has consistently lost taxpayer money in its operations even for the 2 years that Marriot Corp. ran the park under contract with the County. Taxpayers should not have to continue to subsidize Playland which is the only amusement park left in the U.S. still owned by a municipality and many of the patrons coming to Playland are from outside Westchester. One other big problem is that even with this agreement; thousands of free tickets will be continue to be distributed every year to political people and their friends and families. This “agreement” also creates a high potential for corruption and kickbacks to elected officials.

  2. Westchester taxpayers spent about $30 million last year to keep the parks open. Would you call that “lost money as well? Should we let private companies run all the county parks? Put some real marketing juice behind Playland and it will make money. It has the same dollar marketing effort it had 20 years ago.

  3. Seriously Talkin on

    Seriously. The deal Astorino cut with political hacks and people with no experience in anything to do with amusement parks is so bad that a child could figure it out.
    Stop this nonsense.