County GOP leaders expect Astorino to run


With Rob Astorino soon expected to announce his political intentions, several prominent Republican county leaders said Sunday they fully expect the Westchester County executive to challenge Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

AstorinoAPAstorino, a Republican who has been courting support over the past few months for a potential gubernatorial run, has said he decided to run for governor this year.

On Sunday, a handful of GOP leaders said they anticipate Astorino will officially become a candidate within days.

“I think it’s all going to start to roll out this week, and we’re excited about this,” said Doug Colety, the Westchester County GOP chairman. “We definitely think we can win this.”

Astorino has traveled the state since he was re-elected in November and has met with several county-level party leaders in recent days.

He attended a Broome County Republican Party fundraiser on Friday, lunched with Rockland County GOP Chairman Vincent Reda on Thursday and was scheduled to meet with Colety on Sunday.

All three county chairs said they believe Astorino will jump in the race.

“He gave a strong indication that he will be announcing his intentions to run for governor this week,” Reda said.

Broome GOP Chairman Bijoy Datta said he spoke with Astorino at the fundraiser Friday, where Astorino delivered the keynote address at a Binghamton hotel.

“I certainly hope he’s going to run,” Datta said. “But honestly, I think he’s going to run. Listening to his speech in front of our 400 people on Friday, he sounded like a candidate.”

When asked whether Astorino told him privately if he was going to run, Datta declined comment.

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  1. He has absolutely no record of accomplishment and he isn’t doing anything at all to lower taxes or improve public administration in Westchester. He has based his whole record of moderating tax increases on a program initiated by Andrew Cuomo in 2010. The cuts or freezes in taxes that he mentions came from the savings from retiring County Employees under a NYS incentive plan instituted by Andrew Cuomo. These savings allowed Astorino to phony up lower tax increases and hire his own campaign staff at taxpayer expense. Then he irresponsibly borrowed even more money to avoid tax increases and got Westchester a lower credit rating from Moody’s. If he really wanted to deliver tax reduction to Westchester, as the CE of the highest taxing municipality in the U.S., he should be out there getting the 43 municipalities within his jurisdiction to look for efficiencies in the consolidation of services rather than wasting his time running for Governor on a record of no accomplishment.

  2. Ken, you obviously don’t live or pay taxes in Westchester County. For if you did, you’d know what you’re writing is a lie.

    My county taxes haven’t gone up in 4 years, that’s a remarkable success by any standard. And it was done with a Democratic Super-Majority in the legislature. They could’ve over-rode his veto at any time.