Take the poll: Is Astorino a real threat to Cuomo?


AStorinoLoHudWestchester County Executive Rob Astorino has been traveling the state in an anticipatory run against incumbent Gov. Andrew Cuomo. The matchup of Westchester-ites could be a good thing for the home front as Lower Hudson Valley issues are brought to the fore on a state-wide level. Then again, it’s not clear whether Astorino has a legitimate shot against the track record, experience and, most important, mighty campaign war chest of his New Castle neighbor.

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Cuomo’s push-back may be a sign that Democrats are nervous about the upstart GOP challenger. Or it may all be for show in an election that will be more one-sided than one side would like to admit.

We’ll leave that to you to decide. Take the poll at this link and give us your take on the match-up taking shape between Astorino and Cuomo.

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  1. August Braun on

    Cuomo is going to get crushed upstate. He should be justifiably nervous that Astorino is from wealthy Westchester on the outskirts of NYC. His delusion about becoming POTUS someday will go up in smoke. Safe Act, telling conservatives to leave the state, terrified to make a decision on drilling, etc will make great political power for Astorino, especially in upstate. Cuomo’s gotta go!

  2. August Braun on

    Let’s also not forget about the total incompetence of Cuomo who was HUD secretary under Clinton and was the architect for the housing bubble that almost destroyed the country. What he is doing now in upstate NY (yogurt factories, wineries, craft breweries, casinos, etc) will economically devastate upstate and he will be long gone to other places to lay them to waste as well.

  3. Howard Frank on

    Editor MR . Brian Howard,

    When you get a chance ask Gov. Cuomo about HUD mandated pressure to rezone for a HUD housing complex with out any public roads or water and sewers ?