Astorino’s announcement tour takes him to the Bronx, upstate


Fresh off his formal (completely expected) announcement he will seek the GOP nod to challenge Gov. Andrew Cuomo, Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino is again hitting the road.

AstorinoAPOn Thursday, Astorino will take his campaign announcement tour to the Bronx before traveling across the state to Buffalo, where he’ll appear at an event with Rep. Chris Collins, R-Clarence, Erie County, according to his campaign.

On Friday, he’ll travel across Interstate 90, making stops in Rochester, Syracuse and Albany to continue his tour.

Astorino’s travel has been criticized by county Democrats, who say he has been spending too much time out of the county since winning re-election in November. Astorino has traveled the state since November, attempting to build up support from the GOP and potential campaign donors.

Astorino’s campaign announcement — which came in a 6 1/2 minute that criticized Cuomo and many of his policies — drew a decidedly gentle response from the state Democratic Party spokesman, who issued a brief statement in response.

“We look forward to an entertaining Republican primary process and are ready to to run against whomever their nominee is in September,” said Peter Kauffman, the spokesman.

Astorino is the first Republican to through his hat in the race. Celebrity real-estate developer Donald Trump has also been weighing a run, as has 2010 GOP candidate Carl Paladino, albeit on a third-party line.

(AP photo by Mike Groll)


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  1. Just Concerned on

    Fracking has the real potential to trash and make unusable the over 100 year work by smart engineers and land conservationists who built and protect the drinking water supply system for NYC and Westchester.

    Astorino seemingly has accepted real contributions from the fracking industry to be beating their drum so early and so loudly. Some would say he is bought and paid for by any business millionaire and billionaire no matter what their push he will support it since profits for them is king and he is their pawn in promoting it.

    Smart visionaries designed, built and maintain the important drinking water system; it also supplies water for cities in Westchester such as Yonkers, Mt Vernon, White Plains and others.

    The pro fracking media campaign by foreign and out of state fracking firms will jeopardize all that effort, all that cost, and all that maintenance for their own profits.

    Fracking is stupid and harmful to our drinking water supply.
    It will also endanger the water supply for farms and for livestock such as dairy cows, in New York state.

  2. through his hat in
    which came in a 6 1/2 minute (poem, homily, song, diatribe, rebuke, whine, beef, dissertation, pantomime, rain dance, stomp, graffiti movie, drive-by, rant, water balloon attack.. ?)