NY unemployment rate drops to 6.8 percent


New York’s unemployment rate declined to its lowest rate in more than five years, according to the state Department of Labor.

UnemploymentTableThe state showed a 6.8 percent unemployment rate in January, down from 7 percent in December, the jobs report Wednesday showed. It was the lowest rate for New York since December 2008, but still trails the national average of 6.6 percent.

Unemployment was higher in New York City, which showed a rate of 7.8 percent. Outside of the city, the unemployment rate was 6 percent.

“The state’s jobless rate dropped to 6.8 percent,” Gov. Andrew Cuomo said on public radio’s “The Capitol Pressroom” Thursday. “That’s the lowest level since 2008. The unemployment numbers all across the state are very, very positive.”

The report Thursday, conducted by the federal government and distributed by the state, showed the state added 5,400 private-sector jobs in January, but lost an overall total of 1,400 non-farm jobs, which includes government workers.

Every metropolitan area of the state showed job gains or remained flat from January 2013 to 2014 except three: Albany, Binghamton and Elmira. Binghamton lost a net total of 1,700 jobs over the year — a 1.6 percent drop — while Elmira lost 1,000, or 2.6 percent.

The Poughkeepsie and Kingston areas showed the biggest year-to-year job gains, percentage-wise. Kingston jumped 3 percent, or 1,700 net jobs, while the Poughkeepsie area — which includes Newburgh and Middletown — added 3,400 jobs, a 1.4 percent increase.

Westchester, Putnam and Rockland counties showed a .6 percent gain in total jobs, a 3,200-job boost, while Rochester showed a slight gain of 1,600 jobs.

(Table via state Department of Labor)


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  1. August Braun on

    Hogwash. Of course the rate will come down as more and more people leave this progressive hell hole of a state…especially in upstate. Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that as the number of people looking for work (because they’ve left NY), the unemployment rate will decrease. Cuomo should get off his hind legs and get back down to earth and taking credit for something good that does not exist.

  2. the consultant on

    upstate new york is like being in appalacia…its devastated and this governor has done little to change the dynamic..
    in addtion the so called unemployment rate whether state or
    federal is a phony number which does not include people who
    have dropped out of the labor force, people who are underemployed, and people who are in low paying jobs because
    there are no middle income jobs available or because they
    don’t have the necessary skills to fill the jobs that are..
    the real unemployment rate is above 13%