Rifle & Pistol Association endorses Astorino


Republican gubernatorial candidate Rob Astorino picked up the endorsement today of the state Rifle & Pistol Association.

Astorino, the Westchester County executive, has been vocal in his opposition of the gun-control law championed by Gov. Andrew Cuomo and has attended pro-gun rallies in recent weeks, including one Sunday in Saratoga.

AStorinohead“He appears to be the only viable candidate. He’s very pro-gun. He’s made some explicit statements about his feeling with firearms,” said Tom King, the group’s president. “We feel that he’ll make a good governor. He’s done a good job of running Westchester County.”

King said the group, the state affiliate of the National Rifle Association, will hold events with Astorino around the state and try to help raise money for his candidacy.

But King said no discussions have been held yet on specifically how they will help Astorino or whether the NRA will spend money on Astorino’s behalf against Cuomo.

“We’ll be holding some events. The money has to be discussed. We do have a political action committee, and undoubtedly they’ll be taking some action. That’s undecided at this point,” King said.


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  1. Cuomo will no doubt try to label Astorino an extremist just like everyone else he disagrees with.

  2. Millions of voters in NYC DO NOT agree with anyone who loves guns and only worries about guns and forgets all the other important issues in being governor.

  3. Guns are hardly Astorino’s #1 worry. His primary concern is the economy that has everyone fleeing the state.

    Cuomo’s war on law abiding gun owners is only one very small part of the problem.

    With regard to NYC, the guy you elected mayor–the communist who never had a real job in his life–says all we need to know about NYC voters. You are also responsible for sending Sheldon Silver to Albany for 20 years.

    Time to take the take the state back–perhaps from that point, we can secede Putnam and north for the rest of the state. You have yours, we have ours.