Playland issues not resolved despite ‘constructive’ meeting


Officials from Rye and Westchester County expect to meet again next week to try to resolve a conflict over which government will oversee the future of Playland Park.playlandcoaster

Rye Mayor Joseph Sack, County Executive Rob Astorino and Board of Legislators Chairman Michael Kaplowitz met Thursday morning but they came to no final resolution.

Astorino chose the Rye-based group Sustainable Playland to take over the amusement park and surrounding parkland and the Board of Legislators has been reviewing the group’s plan for changes to the park.

But the review was put on hold after Rye sent a letter last week asserting its right to run the environmental and planning review of the plans. Sustainable Playland officials said they couldn’t continue to put time and money into the review without some clarity.

County officials have said they can’t give up approval authority on county land.

“The county cannot give up its rights on its own property,” Astorino said Wednesday. “It would be a precedent around the county.”

But Kaplowitz said the county board can address Rye’s concerns during its own look at the financial, parking, traffic and other impacts of the plans. He said he hopes the board can restart its review while the talks continue.

“In essence there can be parallel tracks here,” he said.

Ned McCormack, a spokesman for Astorino, said a lawsuit by Rye would put the project at risk.

“The bottom line is we’re trying to save Playland,” he said. “The status quo is not tenable.”

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  1. What right do the politicos have to turn this publicly owned property over to a Connecticut based private corporation to run unprofitable Playland and still have Westchester taxpayers continue to subsidize the only amusement park left in the U.S. still owned by a municipality? Rye should definitely file a lawsuit to maintain their right of environmental and planning review of the plans. This situation could also create a disastrous traffic mess for Rye resident taxpayers. To allow a County Executive, especially this one with his family history, to appoint a hand picked contractor with no experience to run Playland creates a high potential for corruption, kickbacks and campaign donations from vendors to elected officials.

  2. “Sustainable Playland” is not qualified nor experienced nor financially able to run Playland.
    Westchester taxpayers will still be obligated to pay for it so why give away the county park owned by ALL Westchester taxpayers to a group of politically connected insiders who are friends with Astorino?

    Astorino is also playing word games and fooling Westchester residents when he says is plan is to “save” Playland. Playland is in NO danger. There has never been a true accounting picture of Playland from the Astorino administration (for that matter for the whole County).
    Creating a false issue is not what Westchester taxpayers deserve from their County Executive