Playland boardwalk formally reopened after final Sandy repairs


astorinoboardwalkWestchester County Executive Rob Astorino held a short ceremony on the Playland boardwalk Thursday to reopen the popular walkway.

The county replaced the old pine boards, many of which had been damaged by Hurricane Sandy, with a hardwood expected to last for 30 years. The first winter after the 2012 storm, the most damaged parts were repaired to get the boardwalk open for the summer season. Then this winter, the county replaced the rest of the 1,300 foot boardwalk.

“We are really, really proud of how this turned out,” Astorino said.

The first phase, which included work under the boardwalk and on the fishing pier, cost $2.1 million. Phase two cost just over $2 million. Titan Construction Group did the work.

It’s unclear how much reimbursement the county will get from FEMA.

Astorino said repairs to the north boardwalk, which was completely swept away by the storm, have been put on hold until the future of the park is resolved. Astorino had chosen the Rye-based nonprofit Sustainable Playland to take over the management of the park but the plans have gotten snagged over the role of the city of Rye in the review.


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  1. What right do the politicos have to turn this publicly owned property over to a Connecticut based private corporation to run unprofitable Playland and still have Westchester taxpayers continue to subsidize the only amusement park left in the U.S. still owned by a municipality? Rye should definitely file a lawsuit to maintain their right of environmental and planning review of the plans. This situation could also create a disastrous traffic mess for Rye resident taxpayers. To allow a County Executive, especially this one with his family history, to appoint a hand picked contractor with no experience to run Playland creates a high potential for corruption, kickbacks and campaign donations from vendors to elected officials.

  2. How many people does it take to cut a ribbon and how many “yes men” does it take to stand around and watch? Look at all of these people standing around doing nothing just to get their picture in the paper-and this is what we’re paying taxes for! Nothing has been accomplished by the Astorino administration in the past four years and nothing is being accomplished now with this character running for Governor of all things on a record of no accomplishment and as CE of the highest taxing municipality in the U.S. It sounds like insanity because it is insanity. Isn’t it time to get to work doing something constructive like improving public administration in Westchester and reducing taxes?

  3. How could Playland not make a profit? The beachfront property is already owned and there are no taxes to pay. Answer: It’s the only amusement park still owned by a municipality and when political cronies get involved, the problem starts with park managers who are political party people instead of professional managers. Then thousands of tickets are distributed every year to political cronies and their families. Note that many of the vendors are the same “good ol boys” year after year and they make the required political donations. There is also no warehouse inventory control over parts and tools. This is how Playland does not make a profit and taxpayers have suffered year after year subsidizing this shoddily run enterprise! Where are our elected officials? They’re right here in the middle of the mess doing nothing and this is why we are the highest taxed residents in the United States.