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  2. Victor Furman on

    Embodied in soon to be Governor Astorino speech is the thought and questions of every NYer who has lived her in the last quarter century. When has our state ever been so desperate to survive a corrupt government as it is now. I am one who was proud to hold the NYS flag at the 1976 Bicentennial at Fort Riley Kansas commencements reviewed by President Ford as all 50 state flags flew on the parade field and yet today I have removed the flag from my flag pole and am ashamed to tell strangers when out of town “I am from NY” If I could I too would leave this state for a state that allows personal freedoms to coincide with the constitutional freedoms I have stood up for in my 6 years of volunteer service in the US Army. Mr Astorino left out in his speech that NY was voted the state with the least personal freedoms of all 50.

  3. August Braun on

    Great speech by Astorino. Cuomo is running this state into the ground, especially upstate. We need someone new as governor…..ANYONE new. Cuomo is a blight and embarrassment as Mr. Furman alluded to anyone who treasures freedom and liberty. Rob Astorino in 2014!!

  4. LOHUD has recently requested the following information under the Freedom of Information Act. Information like this used to be published every year in prior administrations:
    -a list of all County employees and their start dates
    -salaries of the highest paid employees last year including overtime
    -employee attendance records at the Westchester County Board of Elections
    -an accounting of legal expenses and the cost to Westchester Taxpayers for the fight with the Feds and HUD.

  5. The campaign is headed for a total waste of contributions and miserable failure with very low support. He’s nothing but a phony who hasn’t accomplished anything anywhere. In the mean time he and his nasty arrogant campaign staff are being supported by Westchester taxpayers. There are reprehensible incidents of hiring cronies with no credentials, employee abuse of overtime and no show absences under this administration which have not yet come to light.

  6. The Watchers on

    The real problem is that Astorino has has been running Westchester County into the ground but the residents haven’t realized it yet due to the shell game being played with the money. That day of reckoning is coming. Then double digit tax increases with hit. The other problem is that the ALL the Legislators have known about it but are playing the game of politics and will use the info for their own political advancement, Not for the benefit of the People they Represent. Have a Nice Day!!

  7. anyone watching? on

    The State Retirement Incentive Plan in 2010 allowed over 500 Westchester County Employees to retire amounting to a savings of $75-100 million per year since then which was never passed onto Westchester taxpayers. He also borrowed additional money to phony up lower tax increases causing Moody’s to lower Westchester’s credit rating. Now he and his staff are focused on a futile gubernatorial campaign while County Legislators sit idly by and watch the circus.

  8. The Watchers on

    Do I understand you that the savings of 75-100 $million dollars is every year since those retirements?? If so, where is all that money?? Add that to the huge surplus that the county had at the time, again I ask again, Where is all the money? It is also very evident that the county has not been putting much work out in regards to infrastructure repair, the more time passes the more the repairs are going to cost.

  9. anyone watching? on

    The 75-100 million savings is for salaries and benefits for 500 County Employees who retired in 2010 under a plan from the NYS Legislature. The purpose was to reduce the size of government and pass the savings back to taxpayers in this case those from the highest taxing municipality in the US. The retiring workers were instead replaced by friends and clubhouse cronies. If Astorino would comply with the Freedom of Information request from LOHUD you could see who they are and verify that this is true but Astorino has not yet released the information because he knows what you will find. LOHUD has also requested records of the highest paid County Employees with overtime last year. If released you will see staggering unbelievable amounts of salary made by certain crony employees and you will wonder what this administration is doing? There are also apparently no attendance records for our $31 million Board of Elections which is just overflowing with high salary no show political cronies. It’s the highest level of corruption in Westchester history!