Republican convention draws protesters against Astorino


At least 100 protesters rallied outside of the New York State Republican Convention Thursday morning to call out Rob Astorino for his positions on abortion rights, women’s issues, labor issues and housing.

The protesters marched and chanted at the side of the road outside of the Westchester Hiltonnygopprotest as the delegates inside nominated Astorino for governor and Chris Moss for lieutenant governor.

Tracey Brooks of Planned Parent Advocates of New York said the GOP slate doesn’t support what the majority of voters in the state want. She said more than 70 percent of voters support the passage of the Women’s Equality Act, which would codify Roe v Wade into state law.

“The state slate of the Republican Party has to represent the people of the state of New York,” she said. “Women are not a special interest. We are the majority.”

Brooks said Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo has done an outstanding job securing reproductive health care and expanding health care access through the state health exchange.

David Locklear of Mount Vernon United Tenants criticized Astorino’s record on implementing the county’s fair housing settlement.

“He’s blocking it at every turn,” he said.

Representatives of 1199 SEIU, the health care workers union, and the New York Hotel Trades Council also protested the Republican slate.



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  1. New Rochelle Resident on

    Why doesn’t every Democrat out there just come out and say our 10 point Women’s Equality Act will legalize late term abortion, do you favor that?

    Both Andrea Stewart-Cousins and George Latimer are big supporters of this law, how about you?

    And talk about a lack of transparency, they don’t even want you to know that they’re talking about legalizing late term abortions.

    I wonder why?


    LOHUD has recently requested the following information under the Freedom of Information Act. Information like this used to be published every year in prior administrations:
    -a list of all County employees and their start dates
    -salaries of the highest paid employees last year including overtime
    -employee attendance records at the Westchester County Board of Elections
    -an accounting of legal expenses and the cost to Westchester Taxpayers for the fight with the Feds and HUD.

  3. Sometimes Truth Matters on

    Astorino has hired over 150 political patronage hacks being paid for by Westchester taxpayers and more will follow

  4. NewRo Resident: why don’t you just come out and sat that YOU want to make the decision for all women and all pregnancies must be brought to term? Say what YOU believe – the teachings of your faith must be imposed on everybody. That YOU want to make it illegal and put doctors in jail if they don’t do what YOU believe. You and 30% of NYers will make 70% live by YOUR rules not by what others ministers or rabbis teach. And that voting Republican, under the guise of caring Bout taxes, is YOUR way of achieving your social conservative goals imposed on all the rest of us.

  5. NewRo Resident: The idea that healthy women with wanted pregnancies collude with syringe-wielding doctors to abort healthy fetuses in the third trimester is preposterous and insulting. I believe women and their physicians should be in charge of these decisions – not the government.