Fisherman catches 60 pound Striped Bass in Hudson River — a new record


fish recordWhat a catch!

An Orange County fisherman earlier this month caught a 60-pound Striped Bass in the Hudson River — a new record, the state Department of Environmental Conservative said today.

Eric Lester of Campbell Hall caught a 60 pound female striped bass measuring 53.4 inches in length and 33 inches in girth on May 14 near Newburgh, the DEC said. It easily broke the former record of 55 pounds 6 ounces, set in 2007.

“This is a remarkable new record catch,” said DEC commissioner Joseph Martens in a statement. “I congratulate Mr. Lester on his success and determination in catching the largest recorded inland Striped Bass in New York and encourage others to take advantage of the many outstanding fishing opportunities New York has to offer.”

Lester was alone when he caught the fish, the DEC said. As the fish fought, the reel came off his rod, but he was able to fix it and reel it in.

DEC biologists estimated the fish to be at least 20 years old.

Lester submitted details of his winning fish as part of DEC’s Angler Achievement Awards Program, which tracks state record fish, DEC said.


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  1. Does the DEC exist for any other reason than to support hunting and fishing? Just wondering. I am NOT a hunter or a fisherman, but I am a taxpayer who is bleeding taxes like there is no tomorrow. I am also someone who likes to appreciate nature and leave as small a footprint as possible.

    I am really offended that there is an entire department of personnel with health benefits far better than mine, pensions, good salaries, none of which I (the taxpayer) have, etc. supposedly working for the “environment” and all they do is gloat over killing animals. Something definitely fishy here.

  2. So he outwitted and caught and cruelly killed a magnificent fish. And for this he is congratulated? So wrong.

  3. man yall are some trolling fools with these hateful comments lol, Nice fish bet it put up a good fight!

  4. No trolling here. Just someone who prefers to let nature be as much as possible. And a taxpayer who takes issue with the DEC taking sides with a controversial and environmentally destructive hobby.

  5. Fishing is controversial and environmentally destructive? You should make signs and start protesting at local fishing areas.

  6. Nice thing about hunters and fisherman is that the revenue from licenses and the taxes they pay on sporting goods provide 83% of the funding for our NYS Parks. So KG and the rest of you who enjoy nature should thank a hunter or fisherman for conserving the nature you claim to enjoy so much.

  7. What a great catch! For all you out there whining and complaining.. people who fish pump a lot of money into the economy. We spend money on licenses and then buy equipment, pay fees at parks and fishing access in some spots, we support local stores when we go to an area to go fishing. Freshwater fishing is not environmentally destructive. In fact the money from licenses is used to raise and release more fish and to improve areas around lakes and streams.

  8. I buy a license to help the fishing be available for future
    generations, I started the grand kids fishing and we love it.
    We pick up more than we bring in and respect the rules.
    try fishing you will relax and enjoy it!!!