NY GOP Chair Ed Cox to Gov. Cuomo: Detail meetings with fracking review leaders


The head of the state Republican Party is calling on Gov. Andrew Cuomo to detail what was discussed in a pair of meetings last year between Cuomo’s top governmental and political advisers and the leaders of the state’s hydraulic fracturing review.

Screen Shot 2014-06-02 at 1.39.46 PMGOP Chairman Ed Cox released a statement this afternoon calling for more details from the Cuomo administration, citing a Gannett Albany Bureau report that revealed the January 2013 meetings.

The meetings were listed among 2,000 pages of former Health Commissioner Nirav Shah’s daily schedules, which were heavily redacted. The subject of the two meetings was blacked out, though a Cuomo spokesman said the topic of discussion was Cuomo’s 2013 State of the State and budget addresses.

“From the start, Andrew Cuomo has said that the State’s process of reviewing natural gas development was based upon scientific considerations rather than political considerations, and from the start, Andrew Cuomo has not been telling the truth,” Cox said. “If he has been telling the truth, he should release all of the details of meetings between his political advisers and the natural gas study team.”

Cox, of course, isn’t exactly an indifferent observer when it comes to hydrofracking and shale-gas drilling. \sec-complaint-against-state-gops-ed-cox-over-fracking-ties/”>He and his wife own between $2 million and $3 million in stock in Noble Energy, a company that is drilling for gas in other states. Cox also collects a fee for sitting on the company’s board.

Cuomo has repeatedly said a decision on high-volume fracking — which has been on hold in New York since 2008 — would be based on science, not emotion or politics. He’s currently facing two lawsuits accusing him of delaying a decision for political reasons.


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  1. here is what was discussed
    Cuomo – how many more farms went belly up
    Kennedy – total of 40,000 acres
    NRDC- we bought them up pennies on the dollar
    laughter laughter laughter
    Dr Shaw – this isn’t right release the regs or I am going to quit and go to California
    Cuomo – Goahead, your all used up anyway
    NRDC, we own enough land now to say its safe…release the regs
    Cuomo – wait ler me lock up the election first

  2. August Braun on

    The large amount of redacting speaks volumes on the secrecy and apparent attempt to keep from the public eye the real facts that high volume hydraulic fracturing can be done safely according to Dr. Shah and his research. Cuomo is simply a puppet of Yoko Ono, Josh Fox, and all the Hollywood types that Cuomo depends on for his re-election war chest.

  3. The Biggest Loser on

    Just goes to show what a lying loser Cuomo is. Promises transparency – lets his minions hide behind the ‘sacred’ nature of science, provides only redacted copies. Promises decision based on science – repeatedly says that the politics are 50-50, has his science people talk to his political advisors. CUOMO MUST GO!