Watch: Astorino sheds “loveable” image for LCA show


Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino did a video and a live performance at the 114th annual Legislative Correspondents Association show last night.

The comical video shows Astorino behind the scenes, shedding his “cute” image.

His wife, Sheila, had some good lines, too.

“Sandra Lee has a gorgeous kitchen. How come we don’t?” she said in their kitchen, with photos of Cuomo’s girlfriend’s kitchen taped to their cabinets.

“You know how much this stuff costs?” Astorino responds. “You got to get permits for this stuff.”

“Permits, who needs permits? she responded. “You think Sandra Lee got permits?”


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  1. What’s not to like about this guy? He’s everyone’s model! Let’s vote for Astorino and give him a Republican controlled senate.

    I’m just tired of Democrats, like Andrew Cuomo and George Latimer, telling me how best to spend my money while at the same time claim to lower my taxes.

    If you like what Bill Di Blasio’s doing in NYC, then move there but please don’t ruin the rest of the state by voting for WFP candidates such as Andrew Cuomo, George Latimer and Andrea Stewart-Cousins.

    Not everyone’s looking for handouts and some of us like to contribute to society rather than leach off it, but regardless we need jobs and a strong economy and that’s not happening with the current bunch in Albany.

  2. Cant Trust Repubs on

    What a dope Astorino is. Grasping at anything to rebut Cuomo for much needed face time in these tattle tale columns. He is only likable in the press release nonsense his legions of handlers create for him.
    Deep down he is an opportunistic shallow man who ditched Westchester as soon as the Nov 2013 election was over.

  3. The Astorino video is very clever, but it continues to pander through innuendo to the notion that Sandra Lee’s tenant — who is apparently not on title to the property – is somehow complicit in a conspiracy to deprive the Town of New Castle of desperately needed tax revenue.

    The editors of the Astorino Video were able to include Mrs. Astorino, some of the children, Rob’s love of Tostito’s, Cardinal Egan, but not Rob Astorino’s father?

    Twenty years ago, Rob Astorino was quoted in the New York Times (May 11, 1994): “I’m proud of my father. For 30 years he’s been a distinguished member of the Mount Vernon Police Department.”

    Seems to me the Astorino campaign is missing an opportunity to include focus on the full story of Rob Astorino’s background and character.

    Anything less is depriving the public of a full picture of the Real Rob Astorino.