Top consultant shouldn’t have called Skelos a “prison punk,” Astorino says


Republican gubernatorial candidate Rob Astorino on Tuesday took issue with his top campaign consultant comparing Senate GOP Leader Dean Skelos to a “prison punk.”

Rob AstorinoIn a radio interview, Astorino spoke against the analogy used by Bill O’Reilly, his long-time political adviser. (Not the television host.) In a tweet Monday, O’Reilly compared Skelos to a “prison punk” in referencing a statement from Skelos complimenting Cuomo on the state’s credit-rating upgrade.

A safe-for-work Urban Dictionary definition of prison punk can be found here.

“No. Wrong analogy,” Astorino said when asked about O’Reilly’s tweet. “Shouldn’t have been used. Wish he didn’t do that, but he did.”

On Monday, Moody’s Investor Service upgraded the state’s bond rating from Aa2 to Aa1, the second-highest rating available from the credit-rating agency. The state’s rating now matches Westchester’s Moody’s rating, which was downgraded to Aa1 late last year.

The relationship between Skelos and Cuomo is one being closely watched in political circles. Both have been complimentary of each other and touted their working relationship, but Cuomo announced earlier last month that he’d seek to tip the Senate fully into Democratic hands.

Astorino said the rating bump shouldn’t be celebrated. Cuomo’s office celebrated with a cake after the change was announced.

“Having said that, nobody should be celebrating inside the granite walls of the Capitol,” Astorino said. “People in New York are hurting.”

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  1. consultants shouldn’t become too invested in the premise of the campaign because mature sober and objective judgment is more conducive to not making campaign mistakes
    then letting your feelings get ahead of your mouth

  2. State credit rating goes up and the County credit rating goes down under the leadership of Rob Astorino who also wants to be Governor in the theatre of the absurd?

    Will one of Astorino’s cronies please list Rob’s 5 biggest actual accomplishments?

  3. Who's daddy is a prison punk? on

    Hey rob, your fat mouth friend should not cast stones like this on your behalf given that it is your daddy, the dirty ex cop, who actually went to prison for corruption. So if anyone was a prison punk, it was your daddy, Robby sr. I can’t wait to see you in cuffs soon. Then you can be a prison punk. Like father like son.

  4. Astorino’s family history and background has allowed them to become fluent with jailhouse terminology. That’s where Rob will end up too.