Fracking opponents want environmental review withdrawn


A coalition of groups opposed to hydraulic fracturing in New York held a news conference in Binghamton on Monday to call on the state to withdraw a six-years-in-the-making environmental review.

HangPhotoFrom the Press & Sun-Bulletin’s Steven Howe:

BINGHAMTON — A coalition of organizations opposing fracking in New York met outside City Hall at 38 Hawley St. Monday afternoon to request Gov. Andrew Cuomo withdraw an environmental impact statement which they say is outdated.

The state is expected to base part of its decision on hydraulic fracturing around the impact statement, which was released in September 2009 and revised two years later. Since that time, new state health reports and scientific research have been published which the statement doesn’t consider, said Walter Hang, who owns Ithaca-based environmental database firm Toxics Targeting, during the Monday news conference.

“When you look at the document it’s so ancient, it’s so outdated by scientific standards that we believe it simply needs to be withdrawn,” said Hang, of Ithaca.

Former Binghamton Mayor Matthew T. Ryan and representatives from New York Residents Against Drilling and Chenango Community Action for Renewable Energy attended the news conference. The coalition plans to send a letter to Cuomo requesting an updated draft environmental statement with a comprehensive health impact study.

So far, 803 people have signed the letter, according to Toxics Targeting’s website.

You can check out the full story here.

(Photo by Steven Howe / Press & Sun-Bulletin)


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  1. Victor Furman on

    They got what they want now stay in Ithaca Matt Ryan and Walter Hang and leave the towns that want drilling alone… You lying and Vladimir Putin’s money have supported your fear mongering campaign, you were run out of PA with your unwanted water offer by Dimock residents and your legacy of anti drilling had you flee to Ithaca… Stay there and stay out of the towns that want drilling.

  2. Paid for by Putin on

    Walter Hang, Proud NYer and even Ithaca’s own Tossed from Dimock PA Fled from Binghamton, deserted the residents, couldn’t get out of town fast enough, Matt Ryan, are funded through the United Arab Emirates and million dollar grants from the Park Foundation. EVERYTHING THESE ACTIVIST SAY IS SUSPECT TO TRUTH!!!
    Lets not forget the 9 million dollar bribe the Artist against fracking were caught accepting in a sting to make an anti gas film from a rich Arab oil sheik. This is the makeup of the anti gas machine…sell outs and liars

  3. The anti-fracking crowd are the Useful Idiots of Putin and the Sheiks. Always follow the money trail. It leads to those who would most benefit if America shut down its oil and gas production.

  4. August Braun on

    See former Mayor Matt Ryan run out of Dimock when he had the unmitigated gall to stick his nose in their business. Behold a deluded small town NY mayor telling a group of Pa residents how to run their lives – *Please note the book he’s holding in his hand that is entitled “Withdraw SGEIS now”. This article in POLHUD is EXACTLY about the same thing. He and the other 3 stooges have been banging this drum for over 3 years now.