Report: Astorino works side job as media consultant


Westchester County executive Rob Astorino, the Republican candidate for governor, has been busy.

In addition to running the county and running for election both last year and this year — for reelection as county executive and now for governor — he has a consulting job with Connecticut-based Townsquare Media, the Daily News reported Friday.astorinoonreisman

The job is bringing in about $30,000 a year, the newspaper said. As county executive he earns $160,760. Astorino had a long career in radio before he was elected county executive in 2009.

Democrats are questioning whether the work violates the county charter’s requirement that he work full time as county executive and also say he has refused to release his county schedule, which would make it clear how much time he is devoting to his day job.

An Astorino campaign spokeswoman told the Daily News that the job was cleared through the county attorney’s office.


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  1. Let’s get something straight,Rob Astorino isn’t running the county. The reality is that the game plan he and his cohorts I mean administration have is to do nothing or as little as possible. Why?? Because you will get into less or no trouble for doing nothing. Instead of trying to get a lot done (what needs to get done)they are causing road blocks at every turn which the general public does not see. afraid of any bad publicity due to the general nature that things to happen, go wrong, the administration seems to not want anything being done, lay low don’t do anything. This seems especially true in Public Works, has anyone looked at the West Works site lately or the last several months, we do all the time, they seem to not be putting any work out to bid or very very little compared to years ago. How does this help the economy here in Westchester County.

  2. Is he even concerned one iota about his responsibilities as Westchester County Executive and his $160,000 per year salary?

    He has now started $800,000 in salary from Westchester taxpayers since being elected and it seems every week he is hiding something else.
    At the end of his second term he will have received $1,280,000 and he ran ads lambasting Noam Bramson for his $89,000 yearly New Rochelle Mayor salary.

    Talk about a hypocrite !!!

  3. Westchester Voter on

    Ah Politics! Mr. Jenkins and Mr. Harckham seem to be continuing the harassment that occurred during Jenkins tenure as the head of the Board of Legislators (and we taxpayers paid for the attorneys Mr. Jenkins hired). This ongoing onslaught does not fool many of us. Cuomo must really be concerned – even if the polls show him well ahead in the Gubernatorial race to need his supporters to do this. We’ll see what happens with Zepher Teachout in a Democratic party primary.

  4. Note From Cuomo's Advisors on

    please keep posting bad things about Rob Astorino… Its the only way I can beat him is with your lies

  5. Lies? Don’t think so, the past year or more we heard about and saw posted that Rob Astorino gave his mother in-law’s boyfriend a $90,000 plus benefits job in Public Safety (County Police), supposedly just shuttling police cars around, a job that could be done by someone for far less or in conjunction with something else and most likely the person that was doing this previously was terminated. Many of you claimed it was all lies, but with a little research all can be proven. What will really be interesting is not by how much will Astorino loses this election but What this campaign and the loss will do to his effectiveness for the remainder of his County Exec. position. Even if it’s true that a county executive is not allowed to have another “job” and is supposed to focus only on his County responsibilities, we the tax payers will lose because the Democrats won’t do anything about it except to make some backroom deal tradeoff.