Rob Astorino takes heat for ‘mafia boss’ comment


Republican gubernatorial hopeful Rob Astorino is facing criticism for comparing Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s involvement in an anti-corruption probe to a “mafia boss” making “an offer you can’t refuse.”

astorinoonreismanAstorino, who like Cuomo is of Italian descent, made the comment during a campaign stop in Syracuse today. He ripped Cuomo for top aide Larry Schwartz’ role in temporarily halting subpoenas to Cuomo allies from the Moreland Commission, an anti-corruption panel Cuomo launched last year and abruptly halted in March.

“To suggest that he was suggesting to the commission members where they should go with an investigation is like a mafia boss coming forward and saying he wants to make a suggestion, an offer he can’t refuse,” Astorino said, according to WRVO’s Ryan Delaney. “That is clearly intimidation.”

Soon after, Assembly Majority Leader Joseph Morelle, a Cuomo ally, issued a statement knocking Astorino for the comment.

“Mr. Astornio’s continued attempts to grab a headline have reached an all-time low,” Morelle said in a statement. “His comments are insulting and degrading to both the Governor and a state that boasts a proud Italian-American heritage.”

Morelle’s comment was followed by a statement from the Order Sons of Italy in America, which said it is “appalled and outraged” by Astorino’s comment.

According to TWC News’ Capital Tonight, Astorino noted his own Italian heritage when asked about the remark.

“It’s a typical joke,” Astorino said. “I’ve got an offer you can’t refuse, right? He’s saying he made an offer to help. I think they would say that’d be intimidation. It wasn’t a suggestion. It was a direct threat or an order to do that.”


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  1. I’d be upset to if I was Mafiosi… No way would the Mafia support an idiot like Cuomo…

  2. He alienated Jewish voters and now The Sons of Italy?? What a great campaign Rob! :)

  3. August Braun on

    Astorino is of Italian descent and therefore can easily say something of that nature. In fact, he is dead on correct about Andrew “the Godfather” Cuomo. Throw the bum out!! Impeach! Viic was right when he opined: “No way would the Mafia support an idiot like Cuomo” lol

  4. Voting in Nov on

    Sad that Astorino is reduced to just jabbing out at anything that moves in an effort to get any traction and any press. So he says and does stupid stuff to get any publicity.
    He should do a Palin and quit for the limelight and the book tour.
    Talking head world please take him now

  5. Astorino is one to talk. He should have kept very very quite about that subject. What I’ve heard is that not only was his father arrested for being a corrupt cop, supposedly he has a family member that is a member of a known criminal organization. As for not abiding by the Law, he should only be quite. he is famous for Ignoring and looking down at the Law. He has used his position as county exec as if he and his cohorts are Above the Law.

  6. Astorino is shacking up in Albany quite a bit since Jan 2014. His new home? Where is his apartment anyway? And always in Westchester County vehicles? That big black Westchester County GM SUV? With the County driver and County police detail?

  7. i six eighty-four on

    Who cares? What a non-issue.

    Let’s talk about the Moreland Commission? Where’s Andy hiding today?

  8. The Order Sons of Italy are the same idiots who tried to screw over De Niro from being honored by the Italian govt in 2004 b/c of the Godfather movies. Those guys are flat Earthers.