Endorsements: George Pataki picks Terrence Murphy; Nancy Pelosi backs Kathy Hochul


Some big names in state and national politics are getting involved in New York races.

PatakiMurphyHouse Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi was in Manhattan on Thursday to offer an in-person endorsement of Kathy Hochul, Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s pick for lieutenant governor. Today, former Gov. George Pataki weighed in on a Republican primary in the state Senate, backing Yorktown Councilman Terrence Murphy in to replace Sen. Greg Ball, who is stepping down.

The Pelosi endorsement wasn’t much of a surprise: A California Democrat, Pelosi endorsed Cuomo via phone at the state Democratic convention on Long Island in May.

“Kathy’s principled and pragmatic leadership produced results for her constituents in Congress,” Pelosi said in a statement. “New Yorkers will be well served with Kathy fighting for them alongside Governor Andrew Cuomo. I am proud to endorse Kathy Hochul for Lieutenant Governor of New York.”

Hochul, a Buffalo Democrat who represented part of western New York in Congress in 2011 and 2012, is facing a Democratic primary challenge from Tim Wu, a Columbia law professor. Wu is the running mate of Zephyr Teachout, a Fordham Law School professor who is hoping to challenge Cuomo, but faces a legal challenge to her residency.

“I hold great respect for Congresswoman Pelosi,” Wu said in a statement. “Unfortunately, Kathy Hochul’s record on immigration and gun safety is more aligned with Republican Speaker Boehner than with Congresswoman Pelosi.”

Pataki, meanwhile, was in Peekskill today to publicly back Murphy, who is running in a GOP primary against former Assemblyman Robert Castelli for the Senate district covering parts of Westchester, Putnam and Dutchess counties.

“Beautiful day for a huge endorsement by our last great governor George Pataki in Peekskill, thank you Governor,” Murphy tweeted today, along with the above photo.

In a statement late Thursday, Castelli said the endorsement shows Murphy is “the hand-picked choice of the party bosses, who are afraid of a true reformer in Albany.”

The winner faces Democrat Justin Wagner, an attorney from Croton.

“The Republican primary in the 40th Senate District has devolved into a competition for who is the most extreme, out-of-touch option for the radical right to designate,” Wagner campaign manager Steve Napier said in a statement today.


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  1. Former NY Governor George Pataki’s endorsement of Terrence Murphy should be all you need to know that Murphy is teh wrong choice fo represent the Republicans in this district.
    George Pataki did NY taxpayers no favors while in office. He was a huge supporter of crony capitalism and is probably responsible for growing this failed economic policy more than any NY Governor.
    Pataki is a RINO and from the politics being played Terrence Murphy is most likely a RINO.
    In September let’s send a message to the failed NY GOP and it;s failed leadership.
    Consider voting Bob Castelli for State Senate.

  2. No to any Repubs on

    Vote for Justin Wagner and stop the Republican back room deals and favoritism and just plain lies and crookedness

    Justin Wagner is the Best Choice for New York no matter what the Republican spin machine haters will say and write.

    Nothing said by any conservative Republican is to be believed in 2014. The party of NO and inaction and just plain hatred and sore loser politics

  3. Resident of Yorktown on

    Terrence Murphy can’t utter a single original idea. He’s currently got a ghost writer since he seems not to be able to articulate a single sentence on his own. Murphy has run twice for County Legislator and lost, while he was running he was classless, a huge liar making up stuff against his opponent. The guy should just pack it in and stop showing up at every event and shaking hands..ask him something of substance when it comes what a Senator would do and you will get a big duh.

  4. Hudson Valley Resident on

    How stupid is Terrence Murphy where he was ringing door bells campaigning in the rain today on Yom Kippor. NO F’nd clue this man had. Someone has out him on this stupidity.

  5. Terrance Murphy cannot utter a sentence he has not been taught to parrot. The man is unaware, a puppet. Dummer that dirt. Don’t believe me check out the Yorktown Website and watch how he “function” at town meeting.