Rob Astorino, Zephyr Teachout set to debate Sept. 4


A pair of challengers to Gov. Andrew Cuomo have agreed to a debate — and more could be on the way.

Screen Shot 2014-08-25 at 11.38.52 AMRepublican gubernatorial hopeful Rob Astorino (pictured) and Democratic challenger Zephyr Teachout will debate Sept. 4 on WNYC-FM’s Brian Lehrer Show, according to Astorino campaign spokeswoman Jessica Proud.

Additional debates are also being discussed, Proud said.

The debate will come five days before the Democratic primary on Sept. 9, when Teachout — a Fordham Law School professor — will square off with Cuomo and comedian/activist Randy Credico at the ballot box. But the chances for a debate between the Democratic candidates appears slim; Cuomo’s camp has given no indication that it will agree to one before the primary election.

Last week, Astorino issued a video saying he would debate Teachout if Cuomo wouldn’t.

Astorino, the Westchester County executive, is not facing a primary challenge and would only be on the ballot against Teachout in November if she defeats Cuomo in the primary. He has repeatedly challenged Cuomo to debate.

But it won’t be just Astorino and the Democratic candidate on the gubernatorial ballot this fall.

Green Party candidate Howie Hawkins will also appear, while five other non-major-party candidates filed petition signatures last week to create their own ballot lines. Hawkins is set to appear on the ballot because he gained more than 50,000 votes in the 2010 gubernatorial election; the independent candidates still could face legal challenges that could jeopardize their spots on the ballot.


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  1. Just wondering? on

    Can we get the answers to the following questions?

    -Why is Westchester still the highest taxing municipality in the United States and what has Astorino done about it in his past 5 years?
    -What happened to the salary & benefit savings from the more than 500 County Employees who retired during the Astorino administration?
    -Why did Moody’s downgrade Westchester’s credit rating during the Astorino administration?
    -Why are $millions being lost in HUD Grants to Westchester?
    -Why didn’t Astorino develop a feasible plan to make Playland a self supporting enterprise rather than be subsidized year after year by taxpayers?
    -Why does Astorino allow Public Safety employees to be paid up to an outrageous $300,000 in salaries & overtime?
    -Why doesn’t Astorino require that County Departments such as the Board of Elections to keep employee attendance records?
    -What are the accomplishments of the Astorino administration?

  2. Westchester Voter on

    If our governor would agree to debate his opponents, he could have the chance to pose your questions – even though I’m tiring of your party line negativity. Looking forward to the September 4th debate between Prof. Teachout and County Exec. Astorino – an empty chair for Gov. Cuomo could easily be arranged.

  3. Westchesterite on

    Add to “Just wondering”:
    Astorino administration is chock full of free loaders, free lunchers, plain no shows, hacks and purely unqualified, political patronage ruck sacks who dont even know how to wear a suit or walk in heels because they literally jumped out of their parents house and got placed in a Westchester payroll “job” doing literally nothing all day.

  4. Add to Just wondering?

    Westchester is in a class with many other municipalities in the U.S. which offer superior school systems and family oriented communities. The problem is that the costs to the taxpayers are the highest in the nation and the quality of life is more attributable to local municipalities than to County Government. Is there any reason why our Taxpayers shouldn’t get the best quality of County management and expertise available, from highly rated national schools of public administration, with the goal of increasing the quality, efficiency, and effectiveness of Westchester County Government? This has not been happening. What has happened instead is that County Government has been taken over by the local political clubhouses which use the positions in County Government to accommodate their cronies in need of a paycheck and thus the quality of public administration has suffered severely. Astorino is in on this whole thing because all that he cares about is promoting himself. Let’s all help demote him by getting the truth around about his lack of accomplishment and how he is ripping off the Taxpayers by loading County Government with his free loading political cronies.

  5. Cuomo will never sit through a debate with Astorino or Teachout due to the fact he has a shortcoming in his anatomical makeup which is a necessary prerequisite to sitting in a chair or standing at a podium: a spine.

  6. Stench in 2014 on

    Westchester is still the highest taxes because with close to 600 real worker employees either retired or laid off by Astorino since summer of 2010, he continues to give Westchester taxpayer funded “jobs” to political patronage hacks

    One such example was Hugh Fox who not only was hired but then was given raises so he collected $105,000 for doing purely political work and given a freebie County car also.

    Of course he got drunk and screwed that sweet do nothing gig up this week and after acting like a drunken fool he said some arrogant things about his employment. Talk about STUPID !!!! And COnservatives elected him their Chair in Westchester ! How stupid are Conservatives in Westchester anyway ??

  7. Mrs. Fox # 3 was at home waiting for him while he was out drinking and carousing thinking that he is such a big man because he worked for the County? This is the same guy who patronizes women by calling them “Dear”! In this day and age?? This is a typical worthless Astorino crony and there are many more left in the County Office Building all there at TAXPAYER EXPENSE!!

  8. funny business on

    From what we heard there are also certain long time county employees that have gotten away with not being at work and still get huge amounts of overtime all compliments of the Republican Party. Where are the Feds when you need them? Then again there are Republicans that work there also, so I guess they turn a blind eye as well.

  9. Unemployed Westchester Resident on

    I want to know how Westchester & the Governors Office via Empire State Development keep giving tax incentives to Pepsi & IBM, yet both firms never do any type of job creation or job fairs to created jobs for locals? Why is that? What kind of workforce development jobs are we creating in Westchester?

    Department of Labor’s office are antiquated and staff unaware of labor trends. How & what would each candidate do to rework the Dept of Labor’s office? The obvious is get rid of the political hack commissioner/former Assembly Member

  10. This version of Pol on Hudson should be linked front and center on LoHud instead of the “high tech” tablet version…

    So Fox would drive his own car to the Parks Dept HQ in Ardsley on Saw Mill Road and then – every day – get into a County Mercury SUV or other nicer car and use it all day for his political patronage fun and deals.
    Saying he is not assigned a County car is a way for the Astorino administration to LIE about the reality and defacto status that Fox used a County car every day all day!
    Same for many other political patronage hacks in Westchester County do-nothing positions.

    Refusing to say if Fox had also received a third waiver to double dip and to collect his $90,000 pension as well as his $105,000 “salary” is another LIE from the Astorino administration. BTW: Fox was given raises since being hired to the current $105,000 salary level. And he did NOTHING in the field of labor relations since being hired with that LIE as his hiring justification.

    Journal News Elizabeth Ganga Jorge Fitz-Gibbon David McKay Wilson LoHud
    please request:
    -County take home car authorization information
    -County Fleet car use authorizations on a daily basis like Fox had
    -Hires of non competitive employees for each year since 2010
    Promotion history of non competitive hires since 2010
    -Positions changes since 2010 of non competitive hires
    (Non Competitive hires are where political patronage people end up who need NO credentials, take NO competitive exams that test for subject knowledge, and who basically know their connections in the political parties to get a Westchester job by walking in)
    -Are the people who get the use of County cars on take home basis all given the IRS required 1099 for the value of that car?
    -Was Fox allowed to pick up a daily car from the Parks Dept to skirt the IRS requirement for 4 years? What about others who did the same and will do the same next week in getting into a County car after exiting their own car once they arrive at a County parking lot with fleet cars???

    Please look into that?