Cuomo on TZ Bridge tolls: “We won’t have the information for months and months”


Gov. Andrew Cuomo said today the state isn’t withholding details about what the tolls will be on the new Tappan Zee Bridge until after Election Day. He said they simply don’t know what the tolls will be.

Cuomo, speaking after the Super Crane arrived to help construct the $3.9 billion bridge over the Hudson River, said the state still doesn’t have key details about the bridge’s final cost.

TZ constructionHe said the state doesn’t know exactly the final tab since construction will go until 2018. Plus, the state is trying to secure state and federal grants to fund the massive project between Westchester and Rockland counties that could blunt some of the hit to tollpayers.

“You need to know how much the bridge is going to cost before you know what the tolls are going to cost,” Cuomo said, adding he wants the cost to commuters to be as low as possible.

Cuomo said it has nothing to do with his re-election bid. Republican gubernatorial candidate Rob Astorino, the Westchester County executive, has blasted Cuomo for not being more forthcoming about the tolls and the bridge’s financial plan in advance of Election Day, Nov. 4.

“It’s going to be well after the election. This has nothing to do with next month. We won’t have the information for months and months and months,” Cuomo said. “Remember, this isn’t a bridge that isn’t finished until 2018.”

The bridge will likely also end up with some of $4 billion in bank settlements the state is getting this year.

In a statement today, Cuomo said the state plans to create an infrastructure bank, hinting that it could be funded in part with the bank settlement money.

“Seeded with potential revenue sources such as bank settlements or other one-time cash infusions, the Infrastructure Bank will be a new financing and project management vehicle empowered to deploy alternative project delivery methods and leverage private investment to deliver large-scale, complex, strategic infrastructure projects vital to the state’s future success,” Cuomo said in the statement.


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  1. i six eighty-four on

    Cuomo sounds more and more like a fool when he says these things. How is it he doesn’t know the numbers? I think he just doesn’t want to tell us bad news right before the election. I know the Feds scuttle butted his plans to use millions of dollars meant for clean water projects, a plan btw, that George Latimer supported.

    Let’s get someone with commonsense to run Albany. Vote Rob Astorino in November, how much more deceit can the voters take? I’m still wondering what happened to the Moreland Commission and why Andy doesn’t seem to want to debate.

  2. i six eighty-four on

    And think about the bridge project this way, who starts putting on a major addition to their house without a) knowing what the cost is (at least an estimate) and b) knowing where the money’s going to come from to pay for it.

    Who does that? With Cuomo’s being so dishonest about this, who knows the tolls might even hit $20.

  3. “You need to know how much the bridge is going to cost before you know what the tolls are going to cost” — it helps to know how much the bridge is going to cost before you even start building it.