Libous: Republicans want to work with IDC


Senate Republicans will ultimately be in charge, but they are willing to carve out a role for the Independent Democratic Conference, Sen. Thomas Libous said today.

IDC leader Jeff Klein, D-Bronx, is expected to be named co-coalition leader, while Republican Leader Dean Skelos, R-Nassau County, will be Senate president. The two conferences had jointly run the Senate the past two years.

libous3The five-member IDC, which includes Sen. David Carlucci, D-Clarkstown, Rockland County, is expected to retain its staff, stipends and leadership posts, but would lose its direct ability to bring legislation to the floor.

Libous said the new structure will work.

“There’s no question, as we said all along, that the Republicans have taken the majority,” Libous told Gannett’s Albany Bureau today. “I think we are being very respectful in dealing with the IDC. I think they will have a lot to say on the floor. We want to continue to work with them.”

He added, “I think the relationship will be just fine.”

Senate Democrats, who were unable to win a majority in the Nov. 4 elections, criticized the deal, but Klein said any agreement would continue the bi-partisanship in the narrowly divided, 63-seat chamber. The Senate is expected to vote on its rules for the two-year session Wednesday.

Libous said, “I think we’re also recognizing that the IDC is a viable conference. We want to continue to work with them in the best manner possible, and I think they want to do the same.”

Senate Republicans are holding a closed-door conference later today, with session set for Wednesday afternoon.


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  1. Of course the Republicans want to work with Klein. They’re the same self-serving hacks who rather that dealing with a razor thin majority will buy off Klein with nominal staff and committees assignments at the great expense of advancing policies to help all NYers. If this reporter was worth his salt, maybe ask Libous why the IDC is “viable?” Doesn’t he mean they’re a buffer against Democratic ideas? Regurgitating lies perpetuates the dysfunction that is the NYS Senate. Editors take note.

  2. kb, they don’t need the IDC so where’s the dysfunction?

    The last time the state senate was dysfunctional was when the Democrats were in control.

    The people don’t want dysfunction so they gave Republicans an outright majority. The people also don’t share Bill De Blasio’s point of view on anything and him pushing his agenda on the entire state didn’t help Democrats either.

    And why kb isn’t the IDC viable? They’ve broken away from the NYC crowd, which can only be good for NY.

  3. The GOP will do ANYthing to keep power in the Senate.


    Conservatives will defend them no matter what they do.

  4. Remember the next election cycle includes a Presidential vote–Democratic voters will show up. Tom and the TEAPublicans want to stay on good terms with the IDC without conceding any power on what bills hit the floor for a vote. Klein is pathetic and can be bought off with a few un-needed staff positions and a nicer office. What a pathetic loser Kelin is!

  5. The people of NY on

    Hey… who turned out the lights in NY?
    Ya forgot to lock the door…
    So many NYers leaving this anti job closed for business piece of real estate ya might as well give it back to the Brittish

  6. Conservatives may be leaving but there’s people moving into NY every day. See the houses being torn down all across We$tche$ter and bigger houses being built? That’s no exodus from NY. That’s buying into the area big time.

    Seniors leave cuz thy want low taxes and warm weather. Go South if you want low taxes and low paying jobs, if you’re not a retiree. These same people are leaving North Damota where taxes are looow…. so it ain’t ideology as much as the Conservativea want you to believe.

    And btw, the VOTERS elect Dems. All 5 statewide electeds; a large majority of congress members and Assembly members, nearly every big city Mayor. The GOP holds the State Senate by two whole votes.

    So admit it – the people of NY dont want your conservative ideology.

  7. Well its not really 2 votes. Fielder’s never sat with the mainline Democrats and neither do the IDC.

    That’s 5 or 7 votes the mainline (NYC) Democrats can’t count on. And the people aren’t idiots, they know the states government doesnt run without them.

    Let’s just all be thankful the Democrats didn’t take this body. It was a huge rejection of De Blasio’s policies.

    And yes NY is getting smaller relative to other states, that means were not growing population for sure. Twist it any way you want but that’s not good. As for jobs, they’re in 1 place and 1 place only, NYC and your policies leave the rest of the state high and dry. Also not good.

    Maybe we can dole out a tax break to get people not to move? The a great idea waiting to be used.