Cuomo’s office: ‘No employee of the executive chamber’ has been subpoenaed


A spokeswoman for Gov. Andrew Cuomo said Wednesday that “no employee of the executive chamber” has been subpoenaed in connection with a federal investigation, a few hours after Cuomo wouldn’t say whether they had.

In a statement Wednesday evening, Communications Director Melissa DeRosa said Cuomo’s office looked into the issue after Cuomo was questioned by reporters earlier in the day. The Democratic governor had said he wasn’t personally subpoenaed or contacted by investigators.

Cuomo’s administration has attracted attention from U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara’s office, which has been examining the governor’s office’s role in the Moreland Commission’s investigation into corruption and its abrupt disbandment last March.

“In response to the earlier question as to whether or not any member of the executive chamber staff has been subpoenaed, we have checked and no employee of the executive chamber has,” DeRosa said. “As we have previously said, we will not comment further. As this is the US Attorney’s investigation, we refer any additional questions regarding any investigations to his office.”

The statement didn’t make clear whether previous employees of Cuomo’s office had been subpoenaed, nor does it address whether current employees have voluntarily spoken with investigators. The Wall Street Journal reported in August that former Counsel Mylan Denerstein and Secretary Larry Schwartz had agreed to voluntarily meet with the federal prosecutors.

Schwartz’ role in the Moreland panel’s activities has been particularly scrutinized, with the Daily News and The New York Times detailing his role in curtailing subpoenas that had been headed for Cuomo allies.

Schwartz, a White Plains resident, is no longer the governor’s secretary — his top aide — but he remains an employee of the executive chamber. Cuomo’s office says he is using accrued vacation time and is expected to remain on the payroll through early March.

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  1. Does anyone believe Cuomo’s “garbage” BS by not answering the obvious question i.e., if any of his staff have been “questioned” by the FEDS. Any thinks he learned a lot from his former boss & mentor Slick Willy but the pathetic pale faced & sweating Cuomo isn’t as cool under pressure as Clinton. With Preet breathing down his neck and inability to control or know if hany of is staff have had enough and won’t “fall on their sword” for this angry narcissistic bully and are eager to cooperate with Preet or face the consequences i.e., a healthy stay in the federal prison NOT of their choice – the self professed “control freak’s control freak” is freaking out and spinning so much BS he doesnt have to try to be transparent – his nervous Nixon like “I’m not a crook” persona has become his aura and he is not getting any sympathy from anyone of the thousands of “friends and associates” he has burned in his failed wuest for the White House. As Preet has said “Stay tuned folks” – this is an epic battle royale that will change the way NYS politic’s significance is reigned in and may finally place a line un the sand about what will pass the “sniff test” and hat will not. PS to all lobbyists – better give up your day gig and start looking for a real job outside of politics and scamming the public for your own gain

  2. Wow with these carefully worded statements Cuomo’s dancing around the subject like Clinton did with Lewinsky.

  3. Wonder what happened to all of Larry Schwartz’s emails? And, how about Fran Reiter who allegedly left for health reasons and then there was a miracle…and now working for Guiliani. Where’s her emails?

  4. Preet isn’t going to waste his time with the small fry, he’s going after Cuomo direct. Hope his cell is next to Silver’s :>)