Lawmakers would have to swipe in at work


No more on-your-honor stipends for state lawmakers.

Under the budget deal reached tonight, the Legislature will be required to use a swipe card to prove that they are in Albany to collect their $172 a day per diem.


The system has so lax that lawmakers have not been required to submit receipts to prove they are in town, leading to abuse of the system.

If lawmakers come in on a Sunday night, for example, they would need to show some proof that they were in town, such as a meal receipt.

The measure was part of an ethics package that Gov. Andrew Cuomo insisted upon as part of the budget for the fiscal year that starts Wednesday.

Lawmakers would have to disclose clients for their outside business dealings if they are paid more than than $5,000. Senate Republicans, some of whom are attorneys, have questioned the added disclosure, saying it would infringe on the privacy of their clients.

So the compromise appears to be for the state Office of Court Administration to review any uncertain situations that could leave a client vulnerable, such as in divorce cases, officials said.

Also, Cuomo got in the budget a new pension fortiture measure, which would allow judges to strip lawmakers of their pensions if they are convicted of crimes. Spouses, though, would be able to keep their piece of the pension, based on a judge’s recommendation.


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  1. Captain Obvious on

    Dudes…you got nothing of reform in this. In order to get into the garage or the Legislative Office Building right now, ya already gotta swipe your ID card. Same thing as they’re proposing.

    Just require members to go into the LOB on arrival with their IDs. Voila! The system can track who’s in and not in. No need for a new swipe card.

    Schmucks. You got nothing.

  2. Talking the talk but not walking the walk leaves the corruption/investigation option available as a political tool for future use by the governor and/or savvy legislators.

    The more things change the more they remain the same.

    Meet the new boss……same as the old boss……

  3. I bet that this is just fluff PR BS. I bet that staffers will be paid some more each time the swipe the elected rep’s card on days the rep is nowhere to be seen.
    How about having NYS Troopers with video recording the whole thing where elected reps swipe in?
    We see this as open as the NYS fleet gasoline pumps