Pataki says he’s running for president


Former New York Gov. George Pataki released a video this morning announcing he’s seeking the Republican nomination for president.

Pataki, who explored running in each of the last two election cycles but decided against it, will officially declare his intentions today during an appearance in Exeter, N.H., one several communities that claim to be the birthplace of the Republican Party.

Pataki served three terms as New York’s governor, but has been out of politics since December 2006.

In an interview last week, Pataki said he’s visited New Hampshire nine times and made “six or seven’’ visits to Iowa and South Carolina over the last year or so. Even so, he is little known in a large field of Republican hopefuls.


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  1. Peekskill or bust on

    Pataki left Peekskill behind for Garrison. After he left Peekskill the city became better. No need to vote for George who since nobody has remember him, nobody cares since he left no accomplishments as a mayor of governor. All he did was sell off the family farm and developed ugly housing. He should go back to hiding…..

    Oh, and can the newspapers write about how his wife has a patronage gig as the head of Putnam tourism.

  2. Paula Bennett on

    RHINO. Cannot not think of one accomplishment he has had. Made money on housing in Peekskill using his political contacts. Did NOTHING for Peekskill except made money off us!

  3. Another entry to the public feeding trough and what a creep! When this guy was Governor some of the worst creepy people in the Republican Party showed up in patronage positions in local governments. He’s a loser who has accomplished nothing anywhere he’s been but he’s a bs”er and when did having no accomplishments stop a professional politician?

  4. Mt.Kisco resident neighbor to Cuomo on

    He talks about Fleishman’s – CLOSED DOWN. Many manufacturing companies in NY closed down during the Pataki reign. He talks about the family farm….well, he turned that into something that looks like the movie the Truman Show.

    He says he’s a “solutions guy”. bahhhaaaaaaa That was not the case when he was Mayor of Peekskill or Governors. And, if he was so proud of Peekskill why did he move out?

    He says he will eliminate small business taxes – how? He’s talking bullet points with no information. Now, he’s going to fire all IRS workers….

    He talks about special rules for the powerful. How did his wife get a job as the tourism head for Putnam Valley?

  5. Westchester Resident on

    Did Pataki forget during his reign lower manhattan was destroyed and he talks about govt safety? He’s the one who created the Lower Manhattan Development Corp. to this day the agency is riddled with corruption, political hacks and how long did it take to build the world trade center….and he wants to run for President.

  6. Well he did knock off Mario Cuomo which was a great thing. You people want to bi_ch and complain about him but you forget the obvious. Cuomo1 was bad bad bad for NY. And for the 12 years Pataki governed, the state was pretty prosperous. Not sure we can say that today.

  7. Peekskill Voter on

    Yes Jane and the sun also rose during the time he was Governor. It wasn’t anything Pataki did. NY is still a welfare state and upstate is still in poor economic straits despite Pataki. Pataki is just a professional politician who accomplished nothing except adding his own cronies into government. We listened to these old yearns in the past about the rugged independence on his family’s farm, but his father also had a government job with the Post Office with health and retirement benefits and now Pataki himself is a professional politician at the public feeding trough.

  8. Cant Trust Repubs on

    NONSENSE candidate!
    What a farce. What an arrogant money grabbing money funneling scheme this is. To funnel his contributions to other candidates for other purposes.
    This joker is not serious; just being the Republican mule for money transfers.
    People need to think what we are witnessing here.

  9. Ethics? HA ! on

    Ethics of Pataki? HA HA HA
    Why is Pataki’s Lt Governor Daughter- Diana McCaughey- now in a Do-Nothing job in Westchester County govt as an Off-the-street drug addicted Grade 9.
    Only political hacks start at Grade 9 in Westchester county govt!
    Political hacks attract each other to other political hacks and they all end up in Republican administrations such as Rob Astorino’s

  10. Ethics you sound like a political hack with your inside knowledge.

    CTR, couldn’t come up with another gem for us to read? Just a cut and paste job today. Bummer.

  11. I’d like to invite anyone here in the comments to submit your opinion of Pataki’s chances in his bid for the White House to’s Question of the Week feature, which runs on our site and in the Sunday opinion section of The Journal News.

    For your reply to appear in the newspaper, you need to live in Westchester, Rockland or Putnam and submit a photo of yourself, your name, town and a 1-2 sentence response to

    Brian Howard
    Lohud Engagement Editor

  12. Dear Brian

    There is more truth and a better dialogue with anonymous comments. There have been lawsuits in the past against Lohud to reveal email addresses so that commenter’s can be sued for libel. Who needs that? People just want free speech. We don’t post a picture and identify ourselves when we vote. Consider changing more of Lohud’s reader comments to anonymous.