How they voted: “The Big Ugly”


Big Ugly Senate

Known as “The Big Ugly,” a package of major bills passed the state Legislature just before midnight Thursday.

The debate wasn’t particularly lengthy, and lawmakers aren’t expected back at the Capitol until January.

The package — a plethora of issues packed into one, 72-page bill — establishes a new $1.3 billion rebate program for homeowners while extending the state‚Äôs property-tax cap and downstate-centric rent regulations for four years.

The bill also includes measures requiring the state to release more details about the standardized tests given to students each spring, which had been a point of contention among many parents statewide.

It was passed in the Senate, 47-12, with only Democrats voting against it. However, Senate Democratic Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins, D-Yonkers, voted for the package, which included a $25 million bailout for her hometown school district.

In the Assembly, four Democrats — include veteran Brooklyn Assemblyman Joe Lentol — joined nine Republicans in voting against the bill. The GOP members voting against it included Assembly Republican Leader Brian Kolb, R-Canandaigua, and Bill Nojay of the Rochester area.

Above is how the Senate voted. Below is how the 150-member Assembly voted.

A8323rent.pdf by jspector


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  1. Peekskill resident on

    Notice that our local Senator Murphy voted just like his good buddy Skelos did. Who’s pulling the string?

  2. True Conservative on

    We need a true conservative in the seat, not a go-along, get-along fake. Very disappointed in the Senate Republicans; we need to primary them with true 2nd Amendment fighters. No SAFE Act repeal? No Rent Control. Period.

  3. Peekskill resident on

    Murphy has yet to comment about gay marriage, equality for all. Yet he made a stupid video on his website telling people they can go fishing. It’s not equality for all when Republicans like him are paid off by the real estate interests for their votes. Lets hope the voters realize this and Murphy the “wellness professional” will be one term. Love to hear what the white Irish so-called Catholic has to say about the Supreme Court ruling.