Introducing: “The Skelos Family Legal Defense Fund”


As he fights federal corruption charges, now-former Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos, R-Nassau County, has so far avoided paying for his attorneys with funds from his political campaign, a popular payment mechanism for lawmakers and state officials facing legal troubles.

SkelosLDFSome of his self-identified allies, however, have launched a new effort to cover his legal bill.

A website for The Skelos Family Legal Defense Fund popped up recently, soliciting contributions to pay for Skelos and his son’s representation in federal court. (Newsday first spotted the website Wednesday.)

It’s not clear who is behind the effort.

The website,, was registered by a proxy. A note at the bottom of the website says the fund was “set up by friends of the Skelos Family to help cover the exorbitant legal costs that are being incurred in defending the Skelos Family against politically motivated attacks being brought by the United States Attorney.”

The Skeloses were indicted earlier this year on corruption charges, with U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara accusing Dean Skelos of using his political influence to get Adam Skelos a job with an Arizona-based water-treatment firm with close ties to Glenwood Management, a New York City real estate company that is one of the state’s major political donors.

Dean Skelos’ campaign-finance filing Wednesday showed he raised about $218,000 over the past six months.

But much of that was raised before he was arrested in May. Skelos raised $70,500 following his arrest, but $50,000 of that came directly from the Senate Republican Campaign Committee.


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  1. Peekskill resident on

    Did Senator Terrence Murphy donate to this fund? He’s taken all his buddy photos of himself with Dean off his social media page.

  2. Peek, Wagner’s looking for. He wants to lose a 3rd time, twice was enough. DeBlaz is going to bankroll him so you’ll get paid.

  3. Peekskill resident on

    Jane, we gather you prefer to have a Senator who has no knowledge of urban planning, govt policy, but can crack your back, as a chiropractor. He calls himself a dr but can’t save anyone’s life. Murphy talks in sound bites and has a ghost writer. Nothing profound comes out of his mouth. Jane, you been fooled. The “wellness” professional who serves the worst food in Westchester @ his families bar.

  4. Still we’re better off having the Senate controlled by the Republicans and that puts Murphy in a good place.

    And since his is a mostly suburban district don’t think he’s too concerned about urban planning, but he is doing a great job looking out for the taxpayer unlike other Senators.

  5. New Yorktown resident on

    Oh Jane, you have been sucked in by Murphy’s used car sales person personality. The guy knows nothing about environmental issues or housing. Just look at him voting record and Skelos told him how to vote since they had matching voting records.

  6. Westchester Resident on

    Jane, Murphy took full credit this week for the upgrade of the pool in FDR park. It’s comical on many levels and everyone knows the plans were in the works for years. But, his behind the scenes ghost writers went ahead and sent a press release making it look like he rebuilt the pool.

  7. Senate GOP Watch on

    Friends … Jane attack on Wagner and support of Murphy is clear; he knows Murphy and Serino are dopes. He has to reelect them anyway. Same reason he focuses ONLY on Senate Dems incumbents and challengers: he is a paid member of the Senate GOP communications team.

    They are desperate to hold the Senate, selling tales of DiBlasio and other nonsense. His mission – and he monitors this and other blogs – skips over issues that reflect on Assembly or Congress or local Dems. He’s got one mission – destroy incumbent and challenger Senate Dems, thereby protecting the 75 year machine built by the Senate GOP. Fueled by real estate largesse and the charter school hedge fund mgrs.

    If you thought it was bad in 2014, the garbage spent to sink OBrien, Gipson, Tkaczyk and Wagner watch 2016. They’ll have their top 2 leaders in jail and they will spent millllions to win.

    BUT they’re plenty scared of the NY Dems landslide coming. The National GOP will be useless in NYS. – Clinton and Schumer will sweep out the old guard GOP. 1964 – 1974 style Republodisaster coming.

    Jane exhibits the knowledge of the process and politics only an insider knows. He’s no “regular guy conservative”.

    Paid. Political. Operative. Period.

  8. Wake me up when the landslide comes. Until then (and everyone knows) the GOP helps suburbanites and the Democratic party hurts suburbanites. Democratic Party in NY is controlled by NYC which is to the far left. Prime example is their stance against the tax cap.

    And I believe Murphy and Serino won hands down. The races weren’t even close. We already have a rematch with Gipson who’s going to lose again, but where Wags? 3 strikes and you’re out Justin. Care to take a swing? Or too gutless so you’ll go down watching strike 3 sail past you? Either way your still out.

  9. Silver’s kicking himself for not coming up with this idea himself, oh wait he took millions so he’s got plenty to burn.