Paulin may be called to testify in Silver case

Sheldon Silver (AP photo/Seth Wenig)

Sheldon Silver (AP photo/Seth Wenig)

A state assemblywoman from Westchester County may be called to the witness stand when ex-Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver heads to trial next week.

Reached via phone Thursday, Assemblywoman Amy Paulin said she’s been advised federal prosecutors may call her to testify in generalities about how the Assembly operates. Paulin, a Scarsdale Democrat, was first elected to the chamber in 2000.

Paulin’s name is among more than 50 listed on a court questionnaire for Silver’s case, with prospective jurors asked whether they, their close friends or members of their family know any of the people listed. She is not accused of any wrongdoing or being involved with Silver’s alleged bribery scheme.

“My understanding is it hasn’t been finally determined that I will testify, but I’ve been told that if I am called to testify, I will be an introductory witness on general Assembly procedure,” Paulin said.

The questionnaire, which was finalized Wednesday, probes possible jurors about their knowledge of Silver, the Manhattan Democrat accused of pocketing $4 million as part of the scheme.

Many of the questions focus on the potential jurors’ views on New York government and whether they’ve ever received assistance from elected officials.

“Have you or has any member of your family or a close friend, ever had any contact with or requested assistance from the office of an elected official?” the questionnaire reads. “Have you ever applied for or received a grant from New York State?”

Jury selection begins Monday for Silver’s trial. The trial is expected to be lengthy: The questionnaire suggests it could go six weeks.


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  1. michael edelman on

    Paulen is being called to establish the way that the Assembly the iron fisted grip that Silver had on the process…She is a prosecution witness not a target or a subject of the investigation, let’s be clear about that. She is an upstanding legislator who sets a high
    standard of integrity and should be a model for others to copy.